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Traditional Chinese Daoist Qigong - Level 1 and 2

Daoist qigong is a spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind simultaneously. Originally called daoyin, which means „guiding the flow of internal energy (qi )“, it has been practiced for over two thousand years in China.
Termín programu
2013-04-27 21:00:00
Centrum: Praha
Učitel: Samten Kobelt
Koordinátor: Jan Lamac

The techniques of Daoist qigong work with conserving, gathering, cultivating, nourishing and transforming energies, that are the source of a healthy body and clear mind.  

The daoist teachings presented in this programm come from two quigong lineages: Primordial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and Standing Qigong (Yiquan Zhangzhuan).


In Level 1 students we will be introduced to techniques of massaging and stretching, two postures of Standing Qigong for gathering and circulating energy and sleeping qigong postures for conserving and nourishing energy.


In Level 2 students will learn the Nine Self-massage system that focus on nourishing the internal organs and facilitating the circulation of qi and the Twelve Devas Tendon-changing postures that provide powerfull techniques that work on recovering flexibility, strength and softness in the joints, muscles and tendons.


The course as taught by Samten A. Kobelt. He has been a student Shambhala since 1984 and of Qigong since 2005. After teaching school in Switzerland, he has studied and taught Shambhala and Buddhism in North America, Europe and New Zealand. After serving as director for Marpa House, an International Residential Shambhala Community Center in Boulder for six years, he is currently traveling and teaching. He enjoys teaching a variety of body-mind disciplines including Contemplative Dance.


Place: Shambhala Praha Meditation Centre, Varsavska 13,

Praha 2, Vinohrady, Czech Republic



Saturday 27.4. from 9 AM untill 9 PM,

Sunday 28.4. from 9 AM untill 9 PM



110 EUR if you register till 20.2.2013

130 EUR if you register after 20.2.2013


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